Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Great Drive!

If you want to travel from Marfa to Presidio, let me suggest an alternative beautiful and exciting drive! Climb into your high clearance four-wheel drive and bring lots of water, and get ready for a truly spectacular time by going through Pinto Canyon.

Instead of taking Hwy 67 directly from Marfa, take Hwy 2810 through Pinto Canyon, and down to Ruidosa. The road is rough and bumpy in spots, but well worth the effort. You'll pass through private land, so please respect the landowner's property and follow the signs by keeping to the road.

Recently, it took us a little less than two hours to make the trip from Marfa to Ruidosa, where we stopped to view an old adobe church waiting for reconstruction and renovation. From Ruidosa, you can turn east on Hwy 170 for another wild, but fully paved, drive to Presidio. Have a great time!

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