Saturday, February 18, 2006

Get ready for the flowers!

I confess, this is a bit of a tease. These pictures, taken at the foot of the Guadalupe Mountains National Park, were shot last April. (That yellow you see in the foreground of the first photo--all flowers!) But you should know that bluebonnets started appearing in Terlingua just about a month ago, and we're starting to see wild flowers pop up all over the Texas Mountain Trail Region.

Thought you folks in colder climates might like to see some pretty pictures. Come see the flowers for yourself soon!


Mike D said...

THe Big Bend bluebonnets are in excellent bloom ( Feb 27) on Highway 118 just north of Study Butte, and at the Terlingua Post Office. CHeck out also Lajitas to Big Hill for healthy, vivid bluebonnet displays. Not as good as last year, (best in memory) but quite good if you appreciate scenic beauty.

Moi said...

very pretty!
in Florida here, we dont really have seasons but lately for spring , its been blooming all over the place!
come over and enjoy the spring here!