Monday, November 17, 2008

Movie Stars

This photo of Jack Hoxie is on display at the Overland Trail Museum in Fort Davis. Hoxie was a silent film star who tried to develop a movie studio at the old Fort, now the Fort Davis National Historic Site.
The Museum of the Big Bend has a video exhibit of the filmmaking tradition in the region--many films have been made here, including recent Oscar winners, "There Will Be Blood," and "No Country for Old Men."
In the coming months, we'll be developing content for our Texas Mountain Trail website about the movies of the region. For now, please visit our "Movie Traveler: Kevin Costner Fandango Tour!"
For information on visiting the Overland Trail Museum in Fort Davis, click here. Nestled in the shadow of Sleeping Lion Mountain, the museum tells the story of early life in Jeff Davis County.

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