Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mountain biking in the Guadalupes

Our friend, Don Baumgardt, of the El Paso Visitors Guide, sent us this photo of Williams Ranch from his last mountain biking trip to Guadalupe Mountains National Park. Don reports:

"My friend and I had a fun ride up Williams Ranch Road. This is only about a 13 mile round trip it's pretty short, but I think good riders would enjoy it. We parked just inside the second gate. It took us 55 minutes of riding time (1 hour, 20 minutes including stops to look around) to make it to the end of the road. The ride back was obviously much quicker - about 25 minutes of spinning wheels. It's a rough road, but the kind of thing we're used to doing."

"We ride dual suspension bikes often on roads like that, so the bumps were no big deal. I didn't have my altimeter with me, but I'd guess we climbed 1000+ feet. So, because of the rough terrain, amount of climb and the fact that you're on your own, I'd classify it as" a strenuous ride for experienced mountain bikers". Just like you tell hikers what to take, riders probably need a reminder - helmet, water, tools, flat tire repair plan and the ability to use it all."

Entry to Williams Road requires special access and a key, which is returned at the end of your visit. Click here for more information.

For more information on cycling in the Texas Mountain Trail region, visit:

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