Friday, October 02, 2009

Driving up to Big Bend's Basin

Not only is Big Bend a great hiking park, but the paved roads offer terrific drives for cyclists, motorists and motorcyclists!  (And great adventures await those who try the unpaved road in the park!)  Here's a view heading up to the Chisos Basin and Chisos Mountain Lodge.

The Chisos Mountain Lodge is one of the first to participate in our Texas Mountain Trail cycle-friendly program, and it offers special services to hikers and cyclists, including the opportunity to order a packed lunch for a day's adventures.  You can learn more about our cycle-friendly program at, and you can download the Lodge's flyer outlining their cycle-friendly services, here.

Great drives are outlined on our motorcycle page,
Our hiking page offers information and links to great hikes all over the Texas Mountain Trail region,

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