Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gunfighter John Wesley Hardin Grave in El Paso's Concordia Cemetery

El Paso’s Boot Hill

"Concordia Cemetery a Texas State Historical Site"
Winner of the 2010 True West Magazine "Best of the West"
Winner of the 2008 "Preservation Texas" "Clara Driscoll Award" for Preservation

Known as Concordia during the 1840s, this area was the home of Chihuahua trader Hugh Stephenson. In 1856 his wife, Juana (Ascarate), was buried in what is now part of Concordia Cemetery. The graveyard gained widespread use in the 1880s when El Pasoans drove three miles to Concordia to bury their dead.
By 1890 various sections had been purchased by different groups and were designated Catholic, Masonic, Jewish, Black, Chinese, Military, Jesuit, city, and county. Buried here are over 60,000 people including gunfighter John Wesley Hardin, Buffalo Soldiers, Texas Rangers, Civil War Veterans, early Mormon pioneers, Florida (Lady Flo) Wolf, Lawman John Selman and was formerly the first burial site for Mexican Revolution President Victoriano Huerta.and numerous other civic leaders, pioneers, and war veterans.

The cemetery is open 365 days a year. Fall -Winter: November to March 8:00AM to 5:00PM. Spring - Summer: April to October. 8:00AM to 8:00PM
Cemetery website.

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