Saturday, September 04, 2010

Report from Dog Canyon

Earlier this year, a fire ripped through one of the best campgrounds in the country, Dog Canyon in Guadalupe Mountains National Park.  One of our friends, Don Baumgardt of the El Paso Visitors Guide ( went to the park recently and sent this report: 
"I've been wanting to go to Dog Canyon for years and finally found a few days to spare. It was beautiful and remote as I had hoped.  The fire that swept thru the area in June left a mark but it was incredible to see how quickly the area starts to heal. The fire seemed to stay mostly on the ground. Many of the trees that are burned are only burned on the bottom few feet. Recent rains have really added lots of green on the ground. Wildlife was abundant. We saw lots of mule deer, birds, lizards, tarantulas. We even heard coyotes the second morning. It's a great campground. Little traffic, friendly hosts and super clean. Go now and keep going back to see how the forest rebounds from the fire."

We'll be featuring Don's photos of the area all weekend. Come back to see more of the Canyon area!
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