Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Early Ranch Land North of Van Horn

This early scene north of Van Horn from what's now Hwy 54, remains relatively untouched today.  That route, and this scene is on the El Capitan to El Capitan Heritage Bike Ride, from the historic Hotel El Capitan in Van Horn to the base of Guadalupe Mountains National Park.   This scenic route can be traveled by car, motorcycle, or bicycle and remains one of the great roads in the state of Texas!

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Angela T. said...

There is a whole lot of nothing out here. I used to live in this area in the seventies and it is pretty unchanged. Bet it still has rattlers, coyotes, jack rabbits, horny toads and cougars. I miss the place. I was always asked, «what do you do for excitment around here?» by people who indoubidably sat around and watched TV all day long. I happily assured them that I really did stay very busy.