Saturday, August 20, 2011

Good Morning from Crow Town

The past couple of days, we've been down in the southern part of the Texas Mountain Trail region, driving through Marfa, then Shafter and Presidio to Big Bend Ranch State Park.  The land around scenic River Road, Hwy 170 is particularly beautiful in the morning.  Much of the land from Presidio to Lajitas is Big Bend Ranch State Park, which is wild and remote.  But from the road, the scenery is easily accessible, even if you venture off the paved road and onto trails just a few hundred feet. 

One of these special places is Crow Town, just west of the Balancing Rock-Hoodoo Trailhead.  There's a small sign on the north side of the Hwy 170, that marks the spot.  Head in, a few hundred feet and you come to remarkable hoodoos, and an old movie set used in the filming of Larry McMurtry's TV mini-series "The Streets of Laredo," starring James Garner, Sissy Spacek and Sam Shephard.

We were there Thursday morning, just as the sun was rising.  We think the rock formations looks like crow heads!  In the background, were the mountains in Mexico!

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