Saturday, December 31, 2011

Gorgeous View and Delightful Geology Lesson!

Some of the best kept secrets around are the hiking trails at Fort Davis' Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center.  Atop the Clayton's Overlook (a magnificent 1.7 mile moderate/challenging hike) is a great exhibit that tells the geologic history of the entire area.  The Center's website says this:

"Opened in 2009, this exhibit is located on the highest point on the Nature Center property. The exhibit focuses on the geology of the Davis Mountains and tells a story of construction and destruction, of how mountains are built and torn down. The exhibit also shows how the culture and history of the region are linked to the geology."

Our favorite part of the experience?  The 360 degree view and an explanation of the prominent peaks and how they influenced the settlement of the land.  And there are several spots along the trail that offer jaw-dropping views of the land below and beyond.

Recently, Pam LeBlanc of the Austin American Statesman wrote about the Center and this trail in particular.  Click here to read that article. 

Building the trail and geology exhibit was a major here to download a document that tells the story!  One of the key forces in the development of the exhibit is featured in tomorrow's post!

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