Monday, March 05, 2012

Hiking this weekend in Big Bend Ranch State Park

Here's a brief video (very brief) of a spectacular hike our group took this Saturday at Big Bend Ranch State Park.  We were led by the park's interpretive ranger Blaine Hall, for a very reasonable fee, and Blaine guided us over country we wouldn't have reached on our own.  A professional geologist, he gave us great information about the geologic and natural history of the park.  Though you can certainly have a great experience in the park on your own, a guide can help you find just the right adventure in the park's more than 300,000 acres!

If you're heading to the park soon, we're happy to report we saw a few rainbow cacti budding.  We think next weekend's visitors might see some cactus flowers, even despite the drought!

To visit with park personnel about hiring a guide, call the park's local number,  432-358-4444, and ask about availability and rates.  Park personnel can help you with mountain biking rental and guide, and horse rental and guide!  Their website also lists independent outfitters licensed to guide visitors in the park, too!

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