Monday, April 15, 2013

Marfa on 60 Minutes last night!

Marfa Lights Parade, shown in the
60 Minutes segment last night
Marfa waited nervously last night as the 60 Minutes segment on the town was aired last night.  Most folks give the feature an enthusiastic thumbs up!

You can watch the segment yourself on this page, along with several short web features.

On a Marfa Public Radio special after the 60 Minutes airing, there was nearly universal praise for the segment.  Some felt they could have mentioned that we're so close to the border and STILL we have a very safe community.  Others felt more attention could have been given to the Hispanic community.  Still others wish the Marfa Lights had been mentioned.  But all in all, there was a feeling of celebration and some relief with the quality and care and kindness of the segment.  Watch it yourself...see what you think!

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