Saturday, July 20, 2013

We're one of TEN! Texas Heritage Trail programs help you find your own adventure!

Our Texas Mountain Trail is one of 10 regional non-profit organizations across the state, each promoting their own part of Texas!

To plan your own adventure, whether a day trip to a neighboring community or your dream-of-a-lifetime vacation, we're the best regional source of travel information.  Our region includes tiny mountain communities as well as the El Paso metropolis, four national park facilities (Big Bend, Guadalupe Mountains, Fort Davis and Chamizal) and numerous state parks, historic sites and museums.

We each support heritage tourism in our regions, as well as economic development and preservation.  Here's a link to our website, which includes great stories about Far West Texas, tips for planning an adventure in our region, as well as our events calendar.

We're part of a network of independent non-profits all partially funded by a federal/state match grant administered by the Texas Historical Commission, charged with promoting heritage tourism.

Traveling to the east, is our neighbor, the Texas Pecos Trail.
Head north from there to the Texas Plains Trail.
From the Plains Trail region, turn southeast to the Texas Forts Trail Region.
Turn to the Metroplex and the Texas Lakes Trail to the north.  Further east, bordering Arkansas and Louisiana is the Texas Forest Trail Region. 
Down the coast to Houston-Galveston to San Antonio is the Texas Independence Trail Region.  North of there, is the Texas Brazos Trail, and west (in the central part of the state) is the Texas Hill Country Trail Region.
Back to the coast, visit the Texas Tropical Trail!  We're also linked by a common website,!

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