Friday, November 22, 2013

Our Updated Far West Texas Wildlife Trail Maps are IN!

A couple of years ago, we partnered with Texas Parks and Wildlife to create the last regional birding and wildlife watching trail in the state--the Far West Texas Wildlife Trail.  Now updated and newly available, you can order the map from TPWD!

So, there are new birding and wildlife watching locations noted, some updates and loads of fun and exploration coming your way.

Click HERE to purchase your own hard copy maps! 

You can still view the original online version of the map free, to get a sense of what the map is, and how it works.  The online version does not yet reflect the updates and new sites available on the new printed version though.  Want to take a look?  Click HERE to see the information on the Big Bend loop of 12 sites noted in the original version of the map.

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