Thursday, June 12, 2014

Balanced Rock in Big Bend National Park

photo courtesy Visit Big Bend
This great photo of Balanced Rock in Big Bend National Park is courtesy of our friends at Visit Big Bend; provided to us for our recent National Trails Day social media project.

Want to know more about this trail?  Here's the trail description from the park's website:

Grapevine Hills Trail
Difficulty: Easy; Distance: 2.2 miles round trip
Begin 6 miles down Grapevine Hills improved dirt road at the parking area

This trail leads to a group of balanced rocks in the heart of the Grapevine Hills. Initially, the trail follows a gravel wash, then climbs steeply for the last quarter mile into the boulders. Grapevine Hills is an exposed laccolith, with many giant, rounded boulders that are tempting to climb, but watch for snakes. 

For more information about visiting Big Bend National Park?  Try

More on desert hikes from the park's website:

"The Chihuahuan Desert covers about 80% of the park and surrounds the Chisos Mountains. Bare, rocky ground and sparse vegetation are hallmarks of the desert, but there is plenty of life here. Look for termite nests along plant stems, exoskeletons of millipedes, animal scat, and rodent and reptile tunnels. Bird life is plentiful, especially in the morning; look for nests hidden in yuccas and cacti. In the spring, bluebonnets, paintbrush, bi-color mustard, desert marigold, yucca, ocotillo, and cacti blossoms add color to the desert landscape."

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