Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hummingbird banding at Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center

From our friends at Fort Davis' Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center:

"These little girls were very interested in a hummingbird banding being conducted by our local expert bander, Kelly Bryan.  The banding at CDRI was a part of last weekend’s Annual Hummingbird Festival held in Fort Davis (Hummingbird Capital of Texas).   During the banding, Kelly mentioned that a hummingbird he banded here in West Texas was recorded at a banding station just south of Anchorage, Alaska in July of ’13 and then again (at the same location in Alaska) in June of ’14.  That’s a long way for such a little bird to fly..."

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gumo said...

We hope you are on a great vacation and not ill. We miss your daily photo. Take care.