Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Big Bend Ranch Paintings in London: Adrian Madrid

Adrian Madrid, a 16 year old junior at Presidio High School shows off his painting, "El Rancho Grande," inspired by Big Bend Ranch State Park. His work is part of an exhibition of Presidio High School art student work showing at Saatchi Art Gallery in London. Their teacher is Laurie Holman.

Adrian has been painting for two years, and says of his work, "My inspiration is the lifestyle of the people around here. I paint what the people do and the west Texas landscape. I paint what I see and what I know."

For more information on Big Bend Ranch State Park, click here and here.

To see the gallery of works on the Saatchi website, click here.

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Anonymous said...

Great student, Great artist and a FANTASTIC PERSON! Way to go Adrian and you make Presidio Proud!
L Holman