Thursday, June 04, 2009

Leggett Week Begins! Big Bend Cowboy Rendezvous

From time to time we like to feature images from photographers visiting the region, and starting today, we're featuring the photography of David Lee is David Leggett Week!

Currently a resident of Dallas, Leggett is a frequent visitor to West Texas. He says, "I grew up on and around ranches in East and West Texas. When I am not in Dallas, I am usually at my family's ranch near Menard, TX. I am a self-taught photographer. I began photographing, processing and printing images at age 12. I primarily depict scenes from nature and west texas. My obsessions tend to lean toward thunderstorms, windmills, cows and the open Texas sky."

Leggett captured great images of the recent Big Bend Cowboy Rendezvous on the O6 Ranch north of Alpine. You can see his work at:

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