Saturday, November 14, 2009

1884 Scobee House and Masonic Lodge, Fort Davis Historic Walking Tour

Two more locations on the Fort Davis Historic Walking Tour--the 1884 Scobee House (left) and the Masonic Lodge (right).  Pick up your copy of the walking tour brochure at the Fort Davis Chamber of Commerce office in the center of town!

From the brochure: 

"1884 Scobee House--S.A. Thompson, a surveyor, used this building as an office.  In 1902, it became the original post office.  It was enlarged in 1925 and in 1945 was bought by Barry Scobee, who resided there until his death in 1977.  Scobee was a colorful writer and newspaper man.  He and his wife managed Hotel Limpia for a short time.  Scobee Mountain is named after him."

"Masonic Lodge--Originally a single story rock building, the lodge was later attached to the Scobee home.  It was used as a drug store, grocery store, bank and residence.  In 1928, it was purchased by the Masons and a second story was added."

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