Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Texas Mountain Trail: What is it?

The Texas Mountain Trail promotes and supports heritage tourism in the six westernmost counties of Texas--from Marathon and Big Bend National Park all the way through to El Paso.  We're a regionally-based non-profit organization--we market the region to travelers, and we help communities and attractions improve their visitor-readiness.  We provide a website and this blog to introduce new experiences to travelers; and we work to make it easier for you to visit the region, with efforts like our cycle-friendly hotel program.

The Texas Mountain Trail signs you see along the highways  mark the original driving route designated as part of a 1968 plan to promote Texas in conjuction with HemisFair in San Antonio.  In 1997, the state legislature gave the responsibility of building a statewide tourism program to the Texas Historical Commission, which provides funding and coordination for all the heritage tourism regions.  You can read more about the statewide program here.

There are nine other heritage trail regions in the state, each providing services to local communities and attractions to preserve and promote what makes Texas great!

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