Friday, December 11, 2009

Rob Hann's "Six Man Football in West Texas"

Our last showing of Hann's photographs of the Sierra Blanca Vaqueros, from his series "Six Man Football in West Texas."

Hann writes about the series:  "Football is important in Texas. The tiny, remote towns of Far West Texas are often too small for high schools to sustain a regular football programme, sometimes having less than 50 students, boys and girls, in the school. In that part of the country Six Man Football thrives. Devised in Nebraska in 1934, the game is played throughout West Texas today and is a big part of small town life. The game is fast and high scoring and all kids, whatever their abilities, can play their part. I loved my time out there and remember well the thrill of driving an empty desert road towards a distant patch of green under lights burning bright in the Texas night."

Tomorrow, we'll feature a photograph from Rob Hann's series, "Deserted States of America."

Rob Hann's bio.

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Susan said...

Beth - I am not a big football fan, but I am truly loving this series of photos on six man - kudos the photographer and to you for making the connection!