Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Buffalo Soldier history at Fort Davis National Historic Site

From the Fort Davis National Historic Site website:
"It was opposed by many, considered only an experiment by others, but the Act of 1866 to increase the size of the Regular Army changed the course of military history, and afforded African Americans a permanent place in the Armed Forces of the United States."

And so in 1867, four companies of the Ninth Calvary entered the abandoned Fort Davis with an important mission: defend travelers and the mail on stagecoaches on the San Antonio-El Paso Road and around the Trans Pecos. 

For more information, check out the history section of the Fort Davis National Historic Site's website, here.

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Buffalo Soldier 9 said...

Keep telling that history; read some great military history.

How do you keep a people down? ‘Never' let them 'know' their history.

The 7th Cavalry got their butts in a sling again after the Little Big Horn Massacre, fourteen years later, the day after the Wounded Knee Massacre. If it wasn't for the 9th Cavalry Buffalo Soldiers, there would of been a second massacre of the 7th Cavalry. Read the novel, “Rescue at Pine Ridge”, and visit website