Friday, February 19, 2010

Path Less Pedaled broadcasts from the Hotel El Capitan

Intrepid cross-country cyclists, Russ and Laura, from The Path Less Pedaled stayed in Van Horn at cycle-friendly Hotel El Capitan the past couple of nights.  Russ and Laura sold their possessions this summer and headed out on the road, down the Pacific coast and across the southern U.S. to experience life from their touring bikes.  It was great to have them in town, and participate (even if just a little bit) in their adventure.

We highly recommend you start reading their blog, The Path Less Pedaled (the masthead is above) and experience their journey vicariously.  And you can support their trip by buying their favorite gear through their site, or--if you think they might be traveling through your community--assist them with a safe, warm place to stay, just as the El Capitan did here in Van Horn.

From time to time, they also do live video broadcasts on location from their laptop...and you can catch the Van Horn broadcast on this link or catch them all on archive here.  It was fun to be their guest last night and talk about cycling in Far West Texas.  Russ is also a wonderful photographer, and in the next few days his work will showcase the beauty of our high mountain desert.

To get here, Russ and Laura rode Hwy 54 down from Guadalupe Mountains National Park, on a ride we call the "El Capitan to El Capitan" ride.  We just created a web page about that route...take a look here.

Safe travels, Russ and Laura!

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