Monday, February 08, 2010

The Seldom Driven parts of the original Texas Mountain Trail

The Texas Mountain Trail began as a simple driving route to publicize the state of Texas prior to the 1968 HemisFair in San Antonio, but now we serve the entire six county region of Far West Texas.  You can read more about our history, here.

There was an original driving route, and our blue highway signs are still posted on that "Figure 8" that covers most corners of the region.  Naturally, some parts of the route get more traffic than others.  Today we start a short series on the roads a little less traveled--and let's face it--even our highly traveled roads don't get THAT much traffic, but we thought you might like to see the more remote places along the route.

For the next couple of days we'll focus on Hwy 118, from Kent (the amazing old merchantile building is pictured here at the turnoff from I-10--stop in the store, and you'll step back a century!) to the top of the Scenic Loop (Hwy 166) heading toward Fort Davis.  Drive along with us!

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