Monday, April 05, 2010

Big Bend trail notes from Dawn Fine

Through Twitter (we're @Trailgirl, we invite you to follow us!) and with the help of a Twitter friend (@Dusty Reins), we made learned about the wonderful work of Dawn Fine (@DawnFine).  Dawn's a master at taking us along on her hikes, taking lovely photos and sharing an easy commentary on the trail.  She's allowed us to share her work with you this week...and so....we begin Dawn Fine week at the Texas Mountain Trail Daily Photo Blog!
Here's the link to Dawn's blog entry on the Grapevine Hills Trail in Big Bend National Park!

We also invite you to visit our Texas Mountain Trail hiking page:


dAwN said...

Thanks so much for featuring me on your Texas Mountain Trail photo blog.
What a lovely place to be featured..great photos here!
thanks again..

Beth said...

Dawn, we're so happy to feature your photos and your blog entries! We're the lucky ones! Beth