Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Let's Go! Adventure on Pinto Canyon Road

One of the best drives in the region is Pinto Canyon Road, which connects Marfa to Ruidosa.  Traveling south out of Marfa, the road is smooth and paved (and scenic), but after awhile it gets rugged and definitely only for the best prepared drivers and high profile automobiles.  The road gets increasingly scenic and spectacular and adventureous as you travel south...driving it is an epic experience!

The paved portion of the road is the location of two events this fall, the Marfa 100 bike ride (a Metric Century) and the Blackwell School Races.

Please note that on long stretches of the drive, the road cuts through private property and your travels should be restricted to the road only.  Detours onto private land are not permitted by the landowners, so stay on the main road, stay in the car and enjoy the bumpy drive!

Thanks to Randy Mallory and the Texas Historical Commission for the use of this photograph!

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