Friday, July 02, 2010

Soccoro Mission on the El Paso Valley Mission Trail

The Socorro Mission is one of three missions still used by active congregations in El Paso County.  Visitors are welcomed, and are asked to respect the parishioners and the regular services at the church.
From the Mission Trail website:  "The Rio Grande played havoc on the locations of this charming mission. It took its name from Socorro of the North (New Mexico). The Piro Indians fled this area after the Pueblo Revolt of 1860 and established their new home. Sixty Piro families along with fifteen Spanish families dedicated the mission to Nuestra Senora de Limpia Concepcion de los Piros de Socorro del Sur (Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception of the Piros of Socorro of the South)."
"In 2005 the mission completed a 10 year restoration that showcases some original cypress roof supports called vigas (beams) that are were decorated by the Piro Indians."

You can read more about the Mission Trail here and here.


david leggett said...

I love the photo here of Soccoro. Why is the sky always a perfect blue around this mission? I experienced the same thing on my visit:
I guess it's just that West Texas sky that is so immaculate!

Beth said...

STUNNING photos of the missions, David. Hey all, be sure to take a look at David's photos...amazing!