Monday, January 17, 2011

Al Capizzo Week begins!

One of the Trail's Facebook friends started sending us these amazing photos of the region and we invited him to share more images on the Daily Photo Blog...we're happy he agreed!  Meet Al Capizzo, of Troup, TX and aCapizzo Photography.

Al tells us he first came to the region in 2006, with a visit to Big Bend National Park.  Says Al, "I've also been rather avidly outdoorsy for most of my life, so nature photography was a natural extension of that....To say I fell in love with the area would certainly be an understatement. More like bewitched, enthralled, enchanted."  

Stay tuned all week for more of Al's images of the Texas Mountain Trail region!   We think you'll enjoy them!

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d said...

Al is good people, I'm glad ya'll hooked up!