Saturday, January 01, 2011

Now THAT'S a campsite!

Our recent camping trip to Big Bend Ranch State Park revealed so many of Far West Texas' assets, the reasons people keep coming back to our corner of the state:

  • Our campsite, as you can see, allowed us a private wilderness experience.  And how rare is that these days?  Pretty darn rare. 
  • We were surrounded by evidence of geological history, with extinct volcanoes in the area, and volcanic rock all around.
  • As we drove into the park, we passed right by some ancient rock art, pictographs of human figures
  • The nearby Fort Leaton and the town of Presidio were established early, in 1683.
  • This land was traveled by the Comanche and Buffalo soldiers, and by refugees from the Mexican Revolution a 100 years ago.
  • A few miles away in the park's center, sits the historic ranch house dating back to 1908, and there was plenty of evidence of old ranch buildings throughout the park.
  • We heard coyote in the night, and in the morning the birding was excellent. (The park is on the new regional wildlife/birding map.) We hiked and if we'd brought our mountain bikes, world-class "epic" rides were available right there in the park. 
We had adventure, history, archaeology, nature, geology all right there waiting for us.  And we can't wait to go back!

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