Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hiking Santa Elena Canyon in Big Bend National Park

One of the signature short hikes in the region is Big Bend National Park's Santa Elena Canyon.  The National Park's website says this about the 1.7 mile round trip trail:  "This trail begins at the end of the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive. Although a short trail, it is one of the grandest spectacles in the park. After crossing Terlingua Creek, the trail climbs several short switchbacks and then gradually descends along the banks of the Rio Grande. Hikers are surrounded by lush riparian vegetation and 1,500-foot towering vertical cliffs of solid limestone. The trail ends where canyon walls meet the river. Take a lunch and enjoy the scene. Note: Following rains, flash floods, or periods of high water, Terlingua creek can be impassable, effectively closing the trail."
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d said...

And watch out for the quicksand along the river. ;)

It's a wonderful hike, and I only got myself in trouble there because I was a bit off the beaten path and not paying attention.