Saturday, March 12, 2011

Trailrunning on Fort Davis National Historic Site's Hospital Canyon Trail

...or rather taking a break from trailrunning to contemplate the beautiful view!

Fort Davis National Historic Site and the Davis Mountains State Park are connected by a hiking trail, that also provides the trail runner with a challenging opportunity.  We headed up the Hospital Canyon Trail on the Fort side, which connects to the state park's trail on the top of the mountain.  You can run (or hike) up rocky inclines, through swaths of grasses, by cacti, through wooded areas, and get treated to beautiful vistas of the land below.

Here's a link to trail maps for the state park.  For regional hiking information, visit:


gumo said...

Most definitely one of my most favorite trails! I enjoy starting at the state park, going up and over into the fort and back to the state park with a good meal and fellowship at the Black Bear restaurant at Indian Lodge. It makes for a full, fun and rewarding day. Thanks for the video.

d said...

Slacker! LOL!! Keep it up, Beth!