Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Open for Business in Fort Davis! (Photos taken yesterday)

Davis Mountains Lodge and Expeditions, the birds were swooping around the feeders yesterday, lots of hummingbirds enjoying this place.  Cycle-friendly, the Lodge coordinates group trips and has cabins for individual rentals.
Stone Village Tourist Camp, 1935 restored cycle-friendly tourist court
Old Schoohouse Bed and Breakfast, 1904 fully restored (and lovely!) adobe structure, once housing the local elementary school.  Cycle-friendly!

The fully restored (and lovely!) Veranda Inn, the oldest hotel in West Texas (1883) is also open!

Fort Davis' Chamber of Commerce reports all hotels and B&Bs are open in town, including the Harvard Hotel, Hotel LimpiaPrude Ranch is open.  The McDonald Observatory is scheduled to open today;  Fort Davis National Historic Site hopes to reopen tomorrow.

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