Saturday, April 02, 2011

Van Horn's Hotel History

Van Horn, due to location and proximity to fresh water, has always been a place for travelers to pass through.  There's a place you can get a sense of what it was like to step off the train nearly 100 years ago, and step across the street to a bar, family restaurant and a clean bed...Van Horn's Clark Hotel Museum.  The bar is still intact, and you can tour the sitting room and kitchen, as well as some of the sleeping rooms upstairs as well as view local history artifacts. 

Today's Feature:  Dining in the courtyard of Van Horn's Hotel El Capitan
Across the street and down the block from the Clark Hotel Museum is the newly restored 1930 historic Hotel El Capitan, formerly a cattleman's hotel.  Now open and ready to host you for your Far West Texas adventure (it is the closest Texas hotel to Guadalupe Mountains National Park), it also offers fine dining in the hotel restaurant or the lovely courtyard with fountain!

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