Monday, October 24, 2011

Pronghorn Herd

"They do not run like deer, who will gather speed with hesitation, glancing back, bounding, jumping and weaving between trees.  Not like elk, the ones that crash and gallop, heavy and solid, moving toward a forest into which they can vanish.  The pronghorn were gone with grace, sprinting into the open.  They moved like birds, swerving together as they aimed for a single point.  They are the fastest long-distance runners on the continent, some of the fastest land creatures in the world, clocked at nearly sixty miles per hour.  They have been known to clear thirty feed without touching the ground."  From The Animal Dialogues, by Craig Childs. 

You can read more about pronghorn here.  (include link:

We thank Carolyn Nored Miller of Fort Davis for this lovely photo taken in Jeff Davis County.  Carolyn publishes San Angelo Family magazine.  Thanks again, Carolyn!

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