Friday, October 28, 2011

Who woke us up at Chinati Hot Springs? Take a closer look!

A favorite getaway of locals is the historic Chinati Hot Springs, and that's where we enjoyed camping on Wednesday night.  Isolated, the property is about 45 minutes from Presidio on the "good road" and an adventurous 90 minutes or so from Marfa via the rugged 4x4 only Pinto Canyon Road.  We like camping there because it is a lovely place, PLUS you get the use of a swimming pool (called the "cool pool") as well as the spring-fed warm and hot pools, and a common kitchen.  We last visited the property a few years ago, and upon our arrival this week we were pleased to learn the kitchen had all new appliances making it even more welcoming. 

We brought our mountain bikes and enjoyed the roads leading up to the Hot Springs property, then we took a quick hike on the trail at the top of the canyon walls.  

The Hot Springs property is a site on the Far West Texas Wildlife Trail map, and while we were there we saw many birds including an owl and covey of quail, and look whose bray woke us up in the morning?

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