Saturday, February 25, 2012

The beautiful light of Fort Leaton

The bright, clear blue of the sky and the light playing off the rough adobe walls of Fort Leaton makes this place near Presidio a photographer's dream.  And there's plenty of history to absorb too.  This is a state park facility, open for everyone to enjoy.  Their website says, "In 1848, Ben Leaton built a fortified adobe trading post known as Fort Leaton. He dominated border trade with the Apache and Comanche Indians before he died in 1851. In 1936, the Texas Centennial Commission placed a marker at the site."  Inside, there are interpretive exhibits that tell the story of the area, including the pre-history of the area, through Ben Leaton's day, to present day stories.


Anonymous said...

i would like to see on this site many photos of our adobe lab on casa piedra road, also known as swan house. you can obtain them from, the photo gallery.
we are known in thailand, greece, iran, brasil, nepal, washington DC (at the AIA where I am speaking later this month) but not in Presidio. Interesting.

simone swan said...

i just sent a comment. how do i know it will be read? how does one send?