Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bentonite of the Trans Pecos--Volcanic Tuff, Badlands, Hoodoos and Kitty Litter!

Bentonite Badlands by Gary Nored
Volcanic Tuff at Big Bend National Park by Gary Nored
Today, we introduce you to a wonderful blog about our region, "An Eye for Texas," by Gary Nored, Texas Master Naturalist and volunteer with Big Bend Ranch State Park.

The latest entry of the blog is about bentonite, a clay material abundant in the Trans Pecos, formed by the mechanical and chemical weathering of volcanic materials. In easy to understand language, Gary explains how the weathering results in hoodoos, canyons, and ravines in the bentonite badlands.  "An Eye for Texas," provides substantive information about all the topics Gary explores.  For example, did you know bentonite is used to make kitty litter? 

Click here for Gary's blog, "An Eye for Texas," and read all about it!  Thanks, Gary, for sharing your work with our Texas Mountain Trail friends!

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