Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Franklin Mountains in bloom

Late yesterday, we visited Franklin Mountains State Park and were delighted to see a "forest" of ocotillo in bloom.  It is easy to feel so removed from the city, so away from it all, yet this beautiful park is located entirely in the city limits of El Paso.  You DON'T feel you're in a city when you're hiking or mountain biking the 37 square miles of parkland, you might as well be in the frontier.  Yet from places in the park there are spectacular views of mountain wilderness and the city.  One such place is the Sunset Trail, which we hiked yesterday.  Look behind you, and there are views like the one above.  Look in front, and the city is spread before you in the distance.


Abigail Austin said...

The Sunset Trails, both upper and lower, is a perfect place to view the desert in bloom, and you're right--it doesn't feel I'm in the city hiking there. I hiked these trails last week for the first time, and I loved them! Nice post :)

iSavortheWeekend said...

I'm soooooo homesick looking at all these pictures. Was raised in El Paso but moved away when I was 24. Almost 30 years later I sometimes wish I were back there. Your images are amazing!!! Thanks for sharing