Sunday, May 13, 2012

Scenes from a GREAT DAY! Magoffin Home Reopens!

The Casa Magoffin Comparneros were in attendance.  This group supports the program of the Magoffin Home and raises funds for many projects, including several aspects of the renovation.  

A Magoffin family member address the crowd.  Several members of the Magoffin family attended the event.
Past Texas Mountain Trail Board President, and Chair of the El Paso County Historical Commission Bernie Sargent presents State Representative Dee Margo with the Texas Mountain Trail Hospitality Hero Award (stay tuned for a future post about this recognition!)
Cliff Seaman plays his original song about El Paso's historic Concordia Cemetery, with Patricia Kiddney (grand dame of El Paso's reenactors and champion of Concordia Cemetery) listens in
Sara Belger and Herb Price represented the El Paso Historical Society
(Herb is also one of our Texas Mountain Trail Board Members!)
Musicians played in front of the Magoffin Home before and after the ribbon cutting
State Representative Dee Margo, Texas Historical Commission Executive Director Mark Wolfe, and State Representative Marisa Marquez cut the red ribbon and officially reopen the Magoffin Home after more than a year of extensive renovation work
Yesterday was a grand day for El Paso history, for the wonderful Magoffin Home State Historic Site reopened after more than a year of significant renovation work.  The large crowd remarked on the spectacular condition of the home and its furnishings, and all were pleased to know future generations will enjoy and learn from the stories this special place can tell.

The Texas Historical Commission, which now administers the site, was responsible for the renovation work as well.  Careful attention was paid to the special historic nature of the 1877 home, from authentic handpainted window treatments, to replacing the roof, to extensive work to the grounds.

Would you like to help?  The sign above says, "Help us restore our landscape.  Donate to the restoration of this area."  One way you can do that is to join the Casa Magoffin Companeros, the Friends Group for the Home.  Founded in 1992, this non-profit organization encourages volunteers to help at the home, "hosts fundraising events, and accepts and maintains donations, endowments and grants."  To learn more click here.   To join, contact them at:  Casa Magoffin Companeros, 1120 Magoffin Ave., El Paso, TX 79901

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