Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Can you name the Baby?

There's a sweet little former stray cat guarding Big Bend Resort and Adventures in Terlingua.  He just showed up one day and never left, and is always, always up for a good rub or a pet.  Shy with no one he keeps watch on the front porch or at the registration desk.  Folks started calling him "Baby," but he's never really had a name.  Kids like to call him "Garfield."  What would YOU name him?

Big Bend Resort is at the intersection of the River Road (Hwy 170) and Hwy 118, just three miles from the entrance of Big Bend National Park.  They have comfortable motels rooms, RV and tent camping sites, a store and restaurant, gas station, laundry and a big party area.  They can also plan adventures for you--there's a golf course and a stable on the property.  And they're on our Texas Mountain Trail cycle-friendly list too! 

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G said...

He looks like a "Gus" to me!