Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Have you joined the Challenge?

If you're a walker, hiker or trail runner, there's a fun challenge waiting for you, the Peak Fitness Challenge.  Developed through a partnership with the Texas Mountain Trail, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Franklin Mountains State Park and GeoBetty, the Challenge is designed to encourage folks to get outside and enjoy our wonderful regional hiking trails.
Here's how it works:
1)  go to GeoBetty.com/Peak to sign up
2)  pick your park, then pick a trail you'd like to try  (trails are rated by difficulty, there are topo maps and "how to get there" information, and some have history attached to them, the "Texas Mountain Trail Heritage Hikes" )
3)  get out and enjoy yourself!
4)  when you return home, log in and add that trail to your profile...the website will automatically add miles to your record!
5)  your name will be entered into that month's drawings, and you might win a prize like these! 
The Challenge is still in "beta" and we're hoping to add other Far West Texas hiking locations to the Challenge, but it is up and ready and waiting for you to take part!  Note the home page says "560 Miles Hiked"....that's the cumulative number of all of our early participants' mileage on our trails!

Why do the Challenge?

1)  If you want to build your fitness, we've made it easy...just start at the easier hikes (some are very easy!) and then challenge yourself with progressively more difficult ones...until you can reach the highest peaks in the Challenge, such as Guadalupe Peak, the highest in Texas!
2)  If you're looking for new motivation to get outdoors.....
3)  ...and try trails new to you!
4)  If you want to meet like-minded people, you can join the Challenge's Facebook page or either of the park's MeetUp Groups!  (We post MeetUp opportunities on the Facebook page!)
5)  You want to learn more about the heritage of our wild places, by hiking our Texas Mountain Trail Heritage Hikes
6)  You might just win some nice swag!

Consider yourself invited to join in on the fun! 

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