Saturday, January 05, 2013

A New Front Door

Now the FRONT of the Clark Hotel Museum,
In Van Horn along Broadway Street
(Photo by Dan Baeza)
Take just outside the "front" door of the Clark Hotel
in 1919, now the back door of the Clark Hotel
Museum in Van Horn
(Photo courtesy, Clark Hotel Museum)
When a society takes a big turn in a new direction, sometimes "back" becomes "front," and "front" becomes "back."

Such is the case with the town of Van Horn, when travel shifted from train to the automobile....and you can see that shift at the Clark Hotel Museum

The front door of the hotel was at the north end of the building prior to 1925, adjacent to the train station.  When automobile became more prevalent--Van Horn is on the Bankhead Highway and the Old Spanish Trail, the "front" door shifted to the south side of the building.  Read more about it here.

Travel Spotlight!

Just across the street from the Clark Hotel Museum in Van Horn is the historic Hotel El Capitan, recently restored to its 1930 splendor and available for visitor stays with all the modern conveniences.  The Hotel El Capitan is one of our finest regional historic hotels and a participant in our cycle-friendly program, too.

The Hotel El Capitan is a marketing partner of our non-profit Texas Mountain Trail organization.

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