Sunday, January 20, 2013

Join the Peak Fitness Challenge and Take a Heritage Hike!

In mileage, our #2 female hiker in the Peak Fitness Challenge
but #1 in enthusiasm!  Adrianna Weickhardt, Franklin Mountains State Park!

We're in the process of contacting all the winners, but we now have a list of the hikers/trail runners who logged the most miles in the Peak Fitness Challenge in 2012.  Those with an (*) asterisk have logged more than 20 miles on the Peak Fitness Challenge website, :

*Hannah Simmons
*Adrianna Weickhardt
*Abby Austin
*Laura Jones
*Lindsay Strelec
*Lynn Vasquez
Ashley Benisatto
Denise Martinez
Kristi Hines
Rachel Carrera
Lindsay Drysdale

*Mike McCorgary
*Hector Zubia
*Don Baumgardt
*Dennis Vasquez
*Drew Stuart
Tony Esparza
Charlie Pruett
Caleb Law
John Moses
Nathan Stanley
Charles Russell

Most of these hikers have experienced trails we've designated as "Texas Mountain Trail Heritage Hikes," and they've experienced historic ranch homes, mine ruins, an airplane crash site, a canyon where a Texas Ranger was killed by cattle rustlers.  Take a look, sign up, hike the trails, and YOU will be eligible for a variety of prize drawings in 2013!

The Peak Fitness Challenge is an ongoing program, and a cooperative effort of our Texas Mountain Trail, (and PhiDev, Inc.), Guadalupe Mountains National Park and Franklin Mountains State Park!

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