Monday, August 26, 2013

Guale Mesa Campsite #2, Big Bend Ranch State Park

Vista near Guale Mesa, Big Bend Ranch State Park
A remote (but TERRIFIC) area of Big Bend Ranch State Park to explore and camp is Guale Mesa.  (But believe them when they say access is only 4 Wheel Drive High Clearance, as it is a slow, slow, slow and rugged trip to the site!)  If you want a wilderness experience all to yourself, far away from everything...this is IT!

The Park's website description of the campsites in the area:

"Located on Guale Mesa and near the edge of a canyon, Guale #2 has dramatic vistas in every direction. This is the most remote and by far, the most spectacular campsite in the entire park. It has it all, millions of years of volcanic geology to study, views into Mexico, solitude that is deafening and sunrises and sunsets that will change the way campers think about color forever. The sheltered fire ring overlooks the canyon and is perfect for small group meetings. The tent pads are perched on the overlook and on a ledge overlooking the canyon.
The Rancherias West Trail that connects to Colorado Canyon on the Rio Grande is nearby. This is very rugged country; hikers should take plenty of water, not travel alone and tell someone where they have gone.
GPS Coordinates:  UTM 593367.8173 E 3251779.2906 N
Access - The site is over two hours' drive from the Sauceda Road turnoff. 4Wheel Drive High Clearance."

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