Friday, August 16, 2013

New and Fresh in Van Horn, Get off the Freeway and Explore!

Yesterday, Scoops N Shakes was serving
homemade agua de pina!
There's a new place in Van Horn that serves ice cream, fresh fruit and homemade aquas frescas from what's becoming a little "hub" of activity in a historical area of our "Crossroads of the Texas Mountain Trail." Scoops N Shakes opened in the old Lomax Shell station RIGHT at the Crossroads of Hwy 54 (which leads north to Guadalupe Mountains National Park) and Hwy 90 (which leads south to Marfa) and just two blocks north of I-10 (at the second Van Horn exit).  The new shop is right across the street from the historic Hotel El Capitan, too, and just down the block from locally owned Rodney's Coffee Shop and the Clark Hotel Museum.  Want a break from chain restaurants and fast food?  Get off the freeway and try what Van Horn has to offer! 

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