Monday, April 14, 2014

#30DaysofBiking: An Easy Ride in Big Bend National Park

 An easy ride in Big Bend National Park offers terrific vistas and around this time of year, some views of blooming cacti.  Mostly gently downhill, about 20 miles, the ride begins at Panther Junction Visitor Center and continues to the small visitor center past the turnoff to Hot Springs.  The road is paved and smooth, and while there is vehicular traffic  (but not much!) the speed limit is 45 miles per hour so it is easy for everyone to "share the road."

Here's the park map.

An easy way to ride this route in a group is to shuttle cars.  Drive one car down to the Visitor Center between Rio Grande Village and the Hot Springs, and then drive back to Panther Junction to start the ride.

The elevation drop is gentle, making for an easy ride.  Panther Junction's elevation is 3750 ft., and your destination is 1850 ft.  Enjoy zipping downhill! Once you arrive at your parked car, consider a little detour to visit the Hot Springs for a soak!

Travel Spotlight!
What's blooming at Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center just outside Fort Davis?  The Texas Mountain Laurel!

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