Thursday, April 10, 2014

Our Annie Londonderry/El Paso story teaches kids about cycling!

San Antonio and Magoffin in El Paso
When El Paso looked like this, a very special cyclist passed through the city on a grand adventure.  Annie Londonderry was the first woman to cycle around the world, and in 1895 she had the red carpet rolled out for her by El Pasoans.  They loved watching her cycle (it was the height of the Victorian bicycle craze) and hearing about her worldwide exploits.

We've showcased the history surrounding her visit to our region's largest city in this blog, and were most honored when Bike Texas used our research to build their new kids online game, Annie Londonderry's Big Adventure. This is an online educational module that uses technology in a fun way to teach 4th-6th graders bike safety education, digital literacy, and social studies including Texas history and contemporary issues. Click here to get to the game's home page. 

Our original blog posts used by the game are here and here!

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