Thursday, August 12, 2010

Benefit Poster for Van Horn's Clark Hotel Museum

Our host community is Van Horn and they generously support the Texas Mountain Trail in many, many ways.  To give back to the community and show our thanks, we did a special little project for them to benefit the town's Clark Hotel Museum...and you can help!

Every five years, Van Horn has an all-town reunion called Jubilee.  We wanted to create a historical record of all the folks attending this year's party for the museum's collection, so we offered to take portraits of anyone willing to pose for a photo.  Approximately 90 groups of people stepped forward, and we used their photos (with their permission, of course!) to create this commemorative poster to benefit the museum.  The poster is available for sale at and all proceeds over cost (which ends up being $5 per poster) is donated directly to the Museum.  The Trail donated photography support and graphic design support (thanks to a volunteer--a resident of Houston, but frequent visitor to Van Horn).

Stay tuned if you're one of the people in the poster!  In mid-September, we'll post information on how you can access your individual shots, but until then, support Van Horn's Clark Hotel Museum and purchase a poster!

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