Monday, August 16, 2010

Clark Hotel

The front door of the Clark Hotel--and where it is located--tells an important story in the shift in transportation options in the west.  This old photo shows the front of the hotel (center) facing north towards the railroad tracks in Van Horn.  When the highway came in, the "front" of the hotel shifted to the south where it remains today.  Now the Clark Hotel Museum, the building offers a look at the hotel's lobby and dining room (still on the north side of the building), some examples of hotel rooms, and the hotel's grand bar.  While you can no longer stay at the Clark Hotel, just down the street is a beautifully restored historic hotel, the Hotel El Capitan, a cattleman's hotel from 1930 and the site of many, many cattle deals.

This week we're featuring a collection of historic photographs of Van Horn, donated to the Museum by Jim Maloney, a descendent of one of Van Horn's founding family, the Beach family.  Thanks to the Museum and to Jim for allowing us to post these wonderful images!

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