Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Hey! Where is today's photo?

No photo today. Instead we'd like you to take two minutes of your time and watch this video:

Yesterday, the Texas Governor called for the elimination of the Texas Historical Commission, our coordinating and primary funding agency, thinking our work was not "mission critical" in this economy.

Please watch the video and make your own decision about that. And if you're a Texan and want to visit with your state legislator about that, please do so. Leave your questions and comments in the comment section of this blog and we'll do our best to answer them right away. THANK YOU for being such a loyal follower of this Daily is a blast every day sharing places and travel and adventure ideas with you.

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Albert Capizzo said...

Nicely done and informative video. I will certainly contact my state representatives and remind them how important PROMOTION is to any economic activity.